In 2007, the premiers of Canada’s three territories met in Whitehorse to announce the release of A Northern Vision: A Stronger North and a Better Canada.

The Northern Vision outlines common priorities for the territorial governments, with a focus on sovereignty and sustainable communities, adapting to climate change, and circumpolar relations.

In 2011, the premiers released two new pan-territorial documents built on the framework of the Northern Vision – the Paths to a Renewable North and the Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy.

Message From the Premiers

The premiers of Canada’s three territories at the 2012 Northern Premiers’ Forum: (left to right) Yukon Premier Darrell Pasloski, Nunavut Premier Eva Aariak and the NWT Premier Bob McLeod.

Latest news

Pan-Territorial Permafrost Workshop

November 5, 2013
The Permafrost Workshop brought together front-line decision makers from Nunavut, NWT and Yukon, permafrost researchers and experts to share knowledge, form connections and look at possibilities for adaptation in the future. The workshop focused primarily on the effects of permafrost on infrastructure and how to mitigate those effects. The workshop was a commitment in the Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy. See the presentations and results from the workshop here www.northernadaptation.ca

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A Northern Vision: A Stronger North and a Better Canada

Released in 2007
Canada’s North is experiencing unprecedented economic, environmental and political transformation. The implications extend across Canada. This document outlines how, in this context, the governments of Canada’s northern territories will build a more prosperous, sustainable and secure North.

Pan-Territorial Adaptation Strategy: Moving forward on climate change adaptation in Canada’s North

Released in 2011
Canada’s northern territories have committed to work together on climate change. This strategy was produced to build on the partnerships and success of 2007’s A Northern Vision. It identifies six approaches to climate change adaptation in the North. The impacts vary widely across the North, but the territorial governments will work together to keep northern infrastructure, ecosystems and cultures strong and resilient.

Paths to a Renewable North: A pan-territorial renewable energy inventory

Released in 2011
The inventory outlines current and future renewable energy resources. It came out of a commitment by the three premiers at the 2009 Northern Premiers' Forum. Providing energy in Canada’s North is a difficult, yet critical task. Distinct opportunities and challenges are faced by each territory. This inventory describes the current state and identifies what’s being done to increase renewable energy use in the future.

Photos courtesy of Patrick Kane/Up Here, Dianne Villesèche/www.ravenink.ca and ArcticNet. © 2011 A Northern Vision